We released our Polaroid print boxes in February, only 6 months after initially wanting to post. That's the only slight problem with perfectionism... it takes a little while to release anything new! At least you know you are going to receive quality. However I didn't realise they were going to be such a HUGE hit for Mothers Day, lots ordered for grandparents and special mummas.

So what are they? You are probably thinking. I have been in photography since 2007, so the love for photographs in general has always been there. When I first started college they had just dissolved dark room photography the year before I began college, and technology has changed massively in the last 13 years. We all have top tech mobiles which enable us to take images within seconds, we end up with thousands and thousands of images on our mobiles which just simply get forgotten about. Hence where the idea came from. Rather than sending off hundreds of images to a print lab, you select 10 of your very favourite images from your phone each month, and send to us.. your trusted local baby and family photographer and receive in the post every month.

High quality prints, and only the best, these can be of your family or a month that has just passed by or your growing baby! Whatever you wish. The reason I chose polaroid style is because they are stylish, unique and you can literally do anything with them.. frame them, hang them, scrapbook them, write the date on them, or send them to your mum as a 'thinking of you' gift... especially during a pandemic. They come in the cutest pink box, and the packaging is just adorable. If you are interested, these are £10 for 10 images, amazing I know? These can be ordered on the website or send me a quick message! We will likely do these again around Fathers day, but don't forget Valentines.. Birthdays, Anniversaries... the list is endless!

Updated: Mar 10

Hello and welcome! I decided to start a blog as so much has happened in 5 years I feel this is a nice way to document adventures that are going on in the Little Pop world. I am an all or nothing kind of person, so up to now, you've had the nothing side of me and now I will be blogging you will receive everything, I guess! (by that I mean I will either spill all or keep quiet haha I just assume nobody reads these things but I have heard they are good to be seen on Google so here we go) Little Pop turns 5 this month!! I am not even sure how this is possible. All those little babies I photographed in 2016 will be full grown toddlers with little attitudes now! I even had a message off of one the other day and I think that's when reality hit that I have been running 5 years. Little Pop has literally been my baby, I have put 10000% into my little business (other than blogs ofc) that I did forget about myself for a while... then the 'you know what' hit the world and that encouraged (forced) me to slow down. My brain doesn't quite know what to do with itself in the lockdown world, it's like it still running 10 to the dozen but doesn't get actually anything done. In celebration of my businesses 5th birthday.. erm, I guess I will have a glass of wine Very brief intro.. In case we haven't met before, Hi.. I'm Sally, I am 29, I live in Hull, I miss travelling and photographing families! Until next time,

Here is a picture of my cat helping me at home...