I am super super sad to say we are leaving the Tower Grange studio in July 2022!

This day has come around far too soon. It’s been almost 5 years since we stepped foot in here in 2017 and have had such a great time photographing families and babies in such a lovely space. It's gone insanely fast!

Really don't want to be leaving here but feel the time is right due to a number of reasons.. a few lifestyle changes, covid backlash (7 months really damages returners and referrals!), change of heart in the photo style I am currently offering, damaged knees, eyes and wrists.. it's been a loooot of editing! I have so far dedicated 8 years to families and babies (and don't my knees know it) but excited to see what’s still to come for my photography business.

I will soon be booking sessions from my home studio, this will however be for babies below 1 years and smaller families. Larger families can be done in your home or on location as we have continued to do. New packages for this will be on the website in the coming weeks.

Thank you all so much for your bookings, support and referrals over this time, I am super grateful and have absolutely loved meeting you all and capturing such special memories!

I thought I would show my face after all this time.. Hello!! Image taken by the talented Tom @ Luxoria Wedding Photography Hope to see you soon Sally x


So excited to share with you the changes that have been made over the last few months/year in progress. I don't know how I am going to share it all in one go so I will share over a few posts!

I have been quieter than usual on the socials as in between shooting we have been very busy renovating a house since May 2021, so it's been a little hectic.

And with a lot of changes over lockdown and figuring out life like all of us.. I wanted my photography to go in a direction that best suited to my lifestyle too. As much as I love all my shoots and the images that you guys love, it just didn't feel right anymore for me having such 'busy' images with props an all, after that mental break. I got major brain fog so the best route for me was to go minimal, this fit in as I absolutely love capturing emotions as so many changes happen in that first year so this felt like the right route and fit in perfect with my goals. You guys know I have always shot on white but there's just something about having natural light glowing on baby skin!

My long term goal has always been to have a natural light studio from home, and I am so excited to have made this happen! It's taken me a little while to process the huge changes but the final touches are being made so I will share some images with you all soon. Don't worry though, my current studio isn't going anywhere, more exciting news on that to come!!


Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Hello and welcome! I decided to start a blog as so much has happened in 5 years I feel this is a nice way to document adventures that are going on in the Little Pop world. I am an all or nothing kind of person, so up to now, you've had the nothing side of me and now I will be blogging you will receive everything, I guess! (by that I mean I will either spill all or keep quiet haha I just assume nobody reads these things but I have heard they are good to be seen on Google so here we go) Little Pop turns 5 this month!! I am not even sure how this is possible. All those little babies I photographed in 2016 will be full grown toddlers with little attitudes now! I even had a message off of one the other day and I think that's when reality hit that I have been running 5 years. Little Pop has literally been my baby, I have put 10000% into my little business (other than blogs ofc) that I did forget about myself for a while... then the 'you know what' hit the world and that encouraged (forced) me to slow down. My brain doesn't quite know what to do with itself in the lockdown world, it's like it still running 10 to the dozen but doesn't get actually anything done. In celebration of my businesses 5th birthday.. erm, I guess I will have a glass of wine Very brief intro.. In case we haven't met before, Hi.. I'm Sally, I am 29, I live in Hull, I miss travelling and photographing families! Until next time,

Here is a picture of my cat helping me at home...