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Hello and welcome! I decided to start a blog as so much has happened in 5 years I feel this is a nice way to document adventures that are going on in the Little Pop world. I am an all or nothing kind of person, so up to now, you've had the nothing side of me and now I will be blogging you will receive everything, I guess! (by that I mean I will either spill all or keep quiet haha I just assume nobody reads these things but I have heard they are good to be seen on Google so here we go) Little Pop turns 5 this month!! I am not even sure how this is possible. All those little babies I photographed in 2016 will be full grown toddlers with little attitudes now! I even had a message off of one the other day and I think that's when reality hit that I have been running 5 years. Little Pop has literally been my baby, I have put 10000% into my little business (other than blogs ofc) that I did forget about myself for a while... then the 'you know what' hit the world and that encouraged (forced) me to slow down. My brain doesn't quite know what to do with itself in the lockdown world, it's like it still running 10 to the dozen but doesn't get actually anything done. In celebration of my businesses 5th birthday.. erm, I guess I will have a glass of wine Very brief intro.. In case we haven't met before, Hi.. I'm Sally, I am 29, I live in Hull, I miss travelling and photographing families! Until next time,

Here is a picture of my cat helping me at home...


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